Legal advice

During the consultation we provide general information about your rights and obligations, the relevant procedures to be followed, the relevant authorities, procedural fees.

Possible ways of consultation:

Online assistance (Skype, Viber)

Assistance over the phone,

If you wish to use our telephone support, please provide us with your phone number and we will contact you within 24 hours. In case you have contacted us via e-mail will come back to you within 24 hours.

General advice

After providing us with the details, considering the relevant statues and cases we will advice you about the best course of action.

Available: Online, Telephone, Email

Legal document

All our Legal Documents are drafted as per your legal circumstances which will define your rights and protect it too. Editing a template of legal document can never protect your interest. We can provide you

Tenancy Agreement
Exclusion of Liability Clauses
Will and Testament
Power of Attorney
Bill of Sale
Loan Agreement
Promissory Note
Commercial Lease
Partnership Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Divorce agreement
Terms and conditions
and more...

Method of assistance: email


For further details please read our Terms and Conditions.