About us

We are European Lawyers

Our advisors are qualified lawyers, tax advisors, Exempt European Lawyers. We offer a comprehensive range of services and have considerable experience in all aspects of employment law, family law, tax law, company law, property law, personal injury, road accident claims. As a team we are able to advise not only on the law of England, we can cover EU Member State’s legal system as well.


Our charity is an organization where multiple services are offered. You can get all you need in just "one stop." We offer the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location, instead of having to "drive all over town" to attain related services at different places. With the cooperation of our advisors and partners we are able to cover a wide range of legal matters. If you have any question that we can not advise on, we will find the best solution for you.

Our Aim Appeals

Our aim is to provide high quality service for those who feel that the fees or the amounts for expenses that usually law firms charge are unreasonable, those who believe that the fee for the work made by law firms do not reflect the quality they provide, and those who can not afford legal aid due to their financial hardship.

We know there are organizations that offer advice, provide general information, but these organizations will not draft contracts as per your legal circumstances which will define your rights and protect it too, will not write letter before action on behalf of you, do not prepare other legal documents, will not help you by the submission of different tax returns, self assessments. We intend to fill this gap. We believe as long as professional help is not available to everyone, equality is an illusion.